Friday, January 11, 2008

Vlog Preview: One Week in January.

(See Quicktime version here.)

Last month, I promised a site and show launch for January, and I still plan to do so!

While I get everything ready for the actual launch of the site and show, check out this preview video that documents the events of my past week: performing at the Los Angeles Philharmonic's "Concrete Frequency" event; opening up with the incredible DJ Johnny Juice for Public Enemy and DMC at the Hard Rock Las Vegas; and exhibiting for Skullcandy and Beyond.FM at CES 2008!

*I forgot to link DMC in the video! Make sure check out this hip hop legend at

Preparations for the the album recording are wrapping up, and I plan to go into official production at the end of this month. I'll be sure to post video of my progress whenever I can.

Finally, if you're going to be in Los Angeles over the next two weeks, check out my show schedule below:

1.17.08 - 1-21.08: 2008 NAMM Show - Anaheim, CA [trade only, not open to public]
1.24.08: Knitting Factory Los Angeles (Main Stage) - Hollywood, CA [opening for Grouch & Eligh of Living Legends]
1.26.08: Genghis Cohen - Los Angeles, CA [performing a special acoustic set with guitarist Ken Belcher]

Hope you're all having a great day!

[Episode music provided by Inverse. Check out their new release "So Far" now at]


Bill Cammack said...


Looking forward to the rest of the series! :)

Christy said...


Woot for previews :D

Lan Bui said...


I'm so glad so see stuff like this. It is really cool.

Pirikara said...

yay~~!! ^^

Tunji said...

that was dope! thanks for using our song :)

Harvard2010 said...

awesome music, man!
Hope you don't mind if I spread your sound around here, cuz New England could use some soul... :)

Caroline said...

Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Love the music and am happy I checked the Yahoo link! Get that website working!Can I order a CD from Tokyo?
PS: am sending the link to friends in Brazil and everywhere else - this is good stuff! :o)

Anonymous said...

Paul: get the website working ASAP. Yahoo is generating a whole new flow of people who liked your music (from as far as my home country, Brazil, and where I live, Tokyo). Youve got to keep this audience. Make text/video/sound available - whatever you can, just do it quick! Concentrate all efforts on the website and keep the public updated (and guessing a little too, if possible). Also it might be a good idea to create some way for people to send messages directly to you without having to "post" them for everyone to email address? I loved to check all the links/sites and get more info about your work, but not everyone will do that -- you need to get them "hooked" by using your website wisely! I know its a lot of work and it might seem overwhelming, but you can do it! Besides, it looks like you have some pretty awesome friends to help you out! All the best!

Zadi said...

Awesome as always! :)

annie! said...

great recap :)
you need a mailing list so i can know more about your shows!!!