Wednesday, May 9, 2007

i ate what?

aight, so i was challenged to keep track of what i eat for one day and take pictures of each meal.

so here goes...

breakfast: chocolate bars
lunch: blueberry waffles
snack: coffee w/ cinnamon
dinner: burger lunchbox, green tea, & apple

chocolate for breakfast!waffles for lunch...
mmm... cafe con canela...hamburguer lunchbox, green tea, & apple for dinner.


Keith said...

Covered all major food groups I see :)

Keith said...

Sorry, I had chips and chicken fajitas!

The fajitas were ok, they had lots of good roasted vegetables, but I've made better when cooking for myself :P

Ophelia said...

oh lawdy... so unhealthy! So much sugar and not enough, well not any veggies! 'Tis the lifestyle of such a busy person! *brings you a chef salad*