Thursday, May 24, 2007

inverse rocked it.

the show @ knitting factory was off the hook. the house was packed, and the crowd had such a great energy. inverse rocked it, of course, and i was happy to be there on stage to contribute my two cents.

brother ali was there, and it made my night when he shook my hand and congratulated me. that was a cool moment.

all this excitement has made me miss performing my own material. lately, all i've been doing is behind-the-scenes stuff. of course i really do enjoy the studio work, and i have fun guesting on other people's sets, but i'm really starting to miss the direct connection to an audience. it's a good thing i'm in the process of booking some solo shows as we speak!

and now, some random thoughts:

i have finally cleaned my apartment, and now i can start to think clearly again.
it's looking like a good weekend to take my comp book and start penning some lyrics down.

i've just passed the two-year mark on my phone, and it's looking like it's time to replace it.
i like the treo line, but i wonder if there's anything better coming up soon.
maybe iphone? hmm...

i love the internet, but i realize i need to read more books.
yeah, books.

gotta practice some scales and arpeggios on the old fiddle.
i hate practicing scales and arpeggios.

i want an mbox2.

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