Wednesday, May 16, 2007

go blue!


so the homie's family is cool with one of the umpires at dodger stadium, and he hooked us up with some tickets to the dodgers-cardinals game last night.

it was my first game of the season, so i was definitely excited when the ticket was in my hand (it was for the loge section, too!)

as soon as we got in, i got right in line to get my first dodger dog of the year. you know i made sure to add onion, ketchup, & mustard! and of course, i grabbed a bag of cracker jack (because it's just not baseball without cracker jack!).

i've always wanted to sit in loge, and my day had finally arrived. obviously, it's not as close to the action as when you sit in field, but loge is an elevated level and it's actually a really good angle to view the game from.

and what a game! the dodgers scored three right away in the first inning and eventually won over the cardinals 9-7.

i also got to see saito pitch live for the first time. pretty exciting.

but, i can't say the same for the stupid prizes cracker jack has been putting in the bags and boxes lately (or for a while, should i say). seriously, there was a time when cracker jack prizes were cool: decoder rings, plastic animal figures, etc. this time, i got this stupid folding riddle thing of thomas jefferson or whatever. such the let down.

come on, no whammies!


but, for what cracker jack lacked, the game made up for. furcal is the man! garciaparra and ethier can definitely throw down, too, but that little shuffle that garciaparra does at bat always cracks me up.

baseball season is back in full effect, and i am loving every bit of it.

go blue!

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