Friday, September 28, 2007

Back to Music.

In my previous blog entry, I wrote about getting back to working on music, and October is the month that will get that plan underway.

Here's a quick roundup of events that have been officially confirmed:

* Wednesday, October 3rd @ FlyPoet Showcase (The Savoy - Inglewood, California)
* Wednesday, October 10th @ VIMBY.COM Launch Party *Invite Only* (Safari Sam's - Hollywood, California)
* Friday, October 12th @ Temple Bar (with Slapbak - Santa Monica, California)

As you may already know from my earlier entries, FlyPoet is a great monthly arts showcase that features extremely talented spoken word artists, musicians, dancers -- all narrated by the great performance artist Norton Wisdom. I'll be kicking off the event with some string and voice action, so come hang out!

VIMBY.COM (VideoInMyBackYard) is a new video-driven site that focuses on youth culture and lifestyle. The site goes live on October 12th, and I'll be performing with Inka One at the launch party to help with the celebrations. Check out the video from the recent screening event. I make a cameo! :) Industry Mixer Video

And last, but not least, I'm back at Temple Bar! I'm currently preparing to record an album, and the best place to work out arrangements of songs is in front of an audience. So, please come share this exciting experience with me as I fine-tune my material for the album! October 12th is the date. The time is 10:30pm. And make sure to tell them "Paul Dateh" at the door! :D

The plans for my album are starting to come into focus. I'm currently narrowing down my choices from things I've previously written, and I'm also in the process of writing new material. I'm looking very much forward to getting into the studio. That feeling you get when you step up to the microphone for the first take is priceless! Currently, the goal is to have the album ready for release early next year. w00t.

There are more exciting things to come, but I can't talk about them just yet. Stay tuned!

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