Monday, September 10, 2007

photos from recent shoot.

I recently had a photo shoot done by the amazing Vu Bui. Check out his photostream on Flickr to see some really great shots he took!

Also, check out Noodle Scar, a great videoblog by Vu, Lan, and Bonny. I'm a special guest on today's episode. :)

In the meantime, I have a couple performances coming up (with more in the process of being confirmed!). Check out the show schedule on my MySpace profile for all of the details.


Skunkabilly said...

Hey! I just saw your video on some guy's blog. BADASS!!! I've always wanted to have some scratching along with my banjo. Good stuff.

Becky said...

You look AMAZING in those pictures!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are the new generation! When my 14yr old daughter heard your hip hop mix for the first time, she immediately added it to her myspace page. Finally the art of playing an instrument is coming back hard!!! Thanks :>