Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NYC Day 4 - Private Event at Public

DJ Johnny Juice and I performed at a private event celebrating Public Restaurant's 4-year anniversary. Everything went really well; the crowd loved us (over 350 in attendance!)!

I really like being in NYC. Maybe L.A. won't be home for much longer. Who knows? :P

Shouts out to ILLUS for taking video!

P.S. Don't worry: I'll probably stay in L.A. for a while. Even if I decide to move anywhere, it won't be any time in the immediate future. ;)


Steve Woolf said...

wow, this is so great, paul! we're really proud of everything you've got going on. just keep believing in yourself and there's nothing you won't be able to accomplish!

new york gets into your veins... and never leaves.

john said...

Yeah man, moving on up! From that last video seems like things have been a blast. atleast I can say, " hey, i had lunch with that guy! "