Monday, November 5, 2007

NYC Day 1: LAX to JFK

I made it to NYC!

All I can say is this: Virgin America is nice, son! Haha.

As someone that usually hates flying, I must say that flying on Virgin America was a pleasant surprise. I sincerely hope that they maintain their high level of service and quality as they become more popular (because I'm sure they will!).

Coincidentally, my friend Carmen and her sister Tere were headed for New York, too, so we decided to book ourselves on the same flight and hang out for a little in the city together before they went back to L.A. on the 4th.

I love New York. I'm currently staying in Greenpoint, a couple blocks north of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This side of town is much more laid back than the craziness of Manhattan, but there's still plenty to do! I'm really feeling this place called Supercore. If only we had more places like this in L.A.!

But, let me stop rambling and focus on the important issue at hand: I'm here to work! There'll be plenty of time to have fun later, but right now I'm on the clock. I have a meeting and venue/equipment check scheduled, as well as rehearsals with the legendary DJ Johnny Juice!

Stay tuned. There's much more come. :)

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