Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back to Los Angeles.

And so, my nine-day trip to New York City comes to a close.

I truly had an amazing time: performing with DJ Johnny Juice, hanging out with Chuck D and Tony Tone, performing at Public's 4-year Anniversary, meeting Hip Hop legends at the Zulu Nation Anniversary, seeing old friends, meeting new friends!

New York City is truly an awesome place. I can't wait to go back! :D

Again, very special thanks to Lan at Noodle Scar for lending me a camera so I could vlog my trip. Vlogging is a lot of fun! I think I will be purchasing a camera of my own very soon...

But, wait! There's more: the NYC trip may be over, but the story isn't over yet. There are many more projects coming up, and I'll make sure to keep posting all of the news right here. :)

Hello, Los Angeles. I'm home.

Up next: (it's a surprise!)

[music: Foreign Exchange - "Nic's Groove"]


Adam said...

Great to meet you in person, Paul. Glad it all worked out! I think we may have to start a ne super-group.

Carmen said...

those 3 days in NYC were a blast! we definitely need to do it again soon. I'm glad you had an awesome trip, thanks for letting me be a part of it! :) w00t! lol... that was for you.

Mike Hedge said...

nice. welcome back.

Tunji said...

welcome back kid...we missed ya